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Update the videoscaler alert to point at the correct runbook
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The videoscaler alert points at a non-existent anchor in the runbooks page and should be updated.

11:41 AM <•jinxer-wm> (ProbeDown) firing: Service videoscaler:443 has failed probes (http_videoscaler_ip4) #page - - - may be the right documentation (needs verification)?

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The way these docs work. You have to add a link to it as the run book is the same for all probe down alerts.

What RhinosF1 said. There is only one runbook URL per check and if everything uses the same "Probe Down" check then they will all have the same link.

And combined with the move from Icinga to Alertmanager/Prometheus it is a question for observability.

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T312947 already tracks the larger question of how to organize runbooks for ProbeDown effectively.

In the specific case, I agree with @LSobanski that for this particular alert, Application_servers/Runbook#Jobrunners is the right place to link to, so I added a section (meaning the link in the alert now works) and I'm resolving this. (I added jobrunner:443 too, while I was at it.)

Oh, good point about using the link with an anchor and just creating that. Thanks.