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Click-tracking in Acoustic
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When a fundraising email is sent in Acoustic we are unable to track what specifically is being clicked within the email. This is extraordinarily important in order to determine what in an email is proving to be more effective.

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greg added a subscriber: greg.

I've marked T188561 as a subtask (needs to happen to allow this task to happen).

Does this mean that this particular task is now moving forward? Is there an ETA?

Hey all. Any update on this click tracking. I had hoped this would be fixed before en6C but now that we are in the throes of it it would be best to get it up as soon as possible.

Updates on the ssl cert work are happening on the subtask (T188561), but tl;dr: Acoustic isn't yet meeting our standards, but @EWilfong_WMF is engaging with the Traffic team on specifics (thanks!).

Noting here that I have opened a support case with Acoustic based on the requirements discussed in the subtask (T188561). I will provide specific responses and updates from Acoustic on that task.

Can we include Brian Sisolak with Trilogy on this ticket?

Yes, he is looped in on the Acoustic support case.