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Data for impact analysis of Editors_Daily table update
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The Editors_Daily dataset was updated per T314147 Data Pipeline for Unique Editor metrics by Country. Documentation

This impacts the queries used in monthly metrics for global south and global north metrics.

July metrics numbers were calculated and posted to Github and to editors sheets after this change went into effect. July GS and GN metrics are using the updated editor name field. Previous months' data was calculated using the local fingerprint_or_id user name specific to each wiki. Superset data is updated on an automated process/schedule so July superset data was calculated the first week of August, prior to the Editors_Daily update. Comparing the same metric, from two sources that each used a different editor name column (Superset has the older local fingerprint_or_id and sheets has the global username which was added to the table) helps us see the impact of updating the table.

  • review net new content numbers
  • review edits numbers
  • review global_editors
  • create a deck
  • discuss with Maya & Kate
  • document findings

[] query for number of 'unknown' region editors in July 2022 (UPDATE from @kzimmerman 2022-08-30: we decided not to do this query; we have sufficient evidence for the impact to inform next steps)

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@kzimmerman a remaining question is whether we want to carry out the last item: query for number of 'unknown' region editors in July 2022.
Do we have enough data for decision making without that additional detail?

@Iflorez looking at the data you provided in Impact Analysis: Editors_Daily, and since we can actually compare July numbers before and after the change, we have a clear enough evidence that there was a substantial impact on active editors. I believe we can move forward without querying the 'unknown' region editors.