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Verify data for edit summary screen
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Subtask for T296952

Please verify the data has been sent to the Breadcrumb schema.

The main activity is named EditSectionActivity

App version:
Beta: 2.7.50420-beta-2022-09-12
Production: 2.7.50420-r-2022-09-12

All the actions from the following screen will be sent, including the text field.

edit-summary-5.png (1×720 px, 80 KB)

For the text field:
EditSectionActivity.EditPreviewFragment.editSummaryText.Fixed grammar, the"Fixed grammar" is the text inside the text field.

For the three buttons under the text field:
EditSectionActivity.EditPreviewFragment.Fixed grammar.on, the "Fixed grammar" is the text on the button and the app will send the text on the button if it does not have a specific view id.

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@Sharvaniharan Please feel free to edit the ticket if you need to add more information.

LGoto triaged this task as Low priority.Sep 1 2022, 4:10 PM

Waiting for the feature to go live.

Currently seeing 4 results in event data for Beta version ("wmf_app_version": "2.7.50420-beta-2022-09-12") generated by 2 unique users. Data It looks like we are not expecting large counts of these events so this may be ok but will wait for engineering to verify that this validates data (ie. if these counts are lower than expected there may be issues).


FROM event.android_breadcrumbs_event
WHERE YEAR = 2022 AND MONTH = 09 AND DAY >= 01
AND regexp_like(screen_name, 'EditSectionActivity')
AND regexp_like(action,'editSummaryText')
AND regexp_like(action,'grammar')
AND regexp_like(user_agent_map['wmf_app_version'], 'beta')

Validating we are seeing fixed grammar events in latest production data, with a daily average of 15.4 unique users generating an average of 20.4 events daily. Data