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add sd.wn and th.wn that seem to not use the "Single Unified Login"
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Author: crochet.david

sd.wikinews and th.wikinews seem to be not in the SUL system

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What makes you think that?

crochet.david wrote:

It's not a think
It's the reality :

I go on this site.
I click on "Log in"
I tape the login and the password with the global log in check box
I see a red box text that say i was not a created login :

On sd.wn :

crochet.david نالي سان ڪوبه ”يوزر“ نه آهي. هِجي چڪاسيو.

and on th.wn :
ไม่มีผู้ใช้ชื่อ "Crochet.david" กรุณาตรวจสอบการสะกดของคุณ "

Hmm, you're right, this doesn't work for me either.

bugs wrote:

I'm able to login to sdwikinews:

"You are now logged in to Wikinews as "Cbrown1023".
Logging you in to projects of the Wikimedia Foundation:

Return to خاص:تازيون تبديليون."

and that message says I'm logged in to other wikis. They're both on closed.dblist, so the issue is probably that David's account doesn't exist and SUL refuses to create it because the wiki is closed. (I already had an account, so it let me login, since that doesn't change the database.)

It's a little hard to tell that the wiki is closed, but it looks like everything is working correctly with SUL. => INVALID.

crochet.david wrote:

These wikis are closed ?

Maybe add a sitenotice to say that ?