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pagetriage_page_tags should refresh more often
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At some articles I'm seeing 'possible issues' which don't actually apply to the page.

For example, at [[Where's Rose]] the toolbar lists 'Orphan' and 'Previously deleted' as potential issues. These appear to be true for the draft article which this page existed at prior to being moved, but do not apply to the page I'm actually reviewing.

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Novem_Linguae renamed this task from Curation toolbar shows incorrect possible issues to pagetriage_page_tags should refresh, especially if the page is moved from draft to mainspace.Sep 3 2022, 7:03 AM

Note to myself or @MPGuy2824: we'll want to hop on testwiki and play around and figure out a simple steps to reproduce, then edit it into the original post. We should also figure out the scope, i.e. if this is only buggy (doesn't refresh) for drafts, only buggy for page moves, or is buggy for any page edit.



  1. Draft page X - no links to article X in mainspace
  2. move X to mainspace - shows as orphan
  3. add link from another page Y - still orphan
  4. Page X edited - no orphan tag


  1. draft page X - links exist to article X in mainspace
  2. move to mainspace - no orphan tag


  1. page X - a link exists in page y to X1
  2. page X moved to X1 - no orphan tag


  1. page X - no links exists to X1
  2. page X moved to X1 - shows as orphan
  3. link created in page Y to X1 - X1 is still shown as orphan
  4. X1 edited - no orphan tag

The orphan detection code seems to only be fired when the article itself is edited or moved.

For [[Where's rose]], both links were added after the move to mainspace and the article wasn't touched until today, when i did a minor edit. The orphan tag went away.

Thanks for doing that testing MPGuy2824. Not as bad as I thought then. The tags get updated whenever the page is edited, it sounds like, which seems like a good algorithm to me.

To get orphan detection working everywhere, we'd probably need to add a hook that runs an SQL query to every page edit for every page in mainspace. That sounds expensive, might not be a good idea.

The second part of the above bug report is something to do with [[Where's rose]] and the "previously deleted" tag. Might be worth testing that too and looking for bugs.

Novem_Linguae renamed this task from pagetriage_page_tags should refresh, especially if the page is moved from draft to mainspace to pagetriage_page_tags should refresh more often.Sep 4 2022, 9:17 AM