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Saved article sorting by alphabet causes odd ordering
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Steps to replicate the issue (include links if applicable):

  • Save a bunch of articles (Example: 35 articles)
  • Navigate to saved articles
  • Sort by name (regular or reverse)
  • View the list of saved articles

What happens?:
Article ordering is not exactly alphabetic

What should have happened instead?:
Articles should be listed alphabetically

Software version (skip for WMF-hosted wikis like Wikipedia):

Other information (browser name/version, screenshots, etc.):

Screenshot_2022-09-02-15-09-39-750_org.wikipedia.beta.jpg (8×1 px, 1 MB)

Event Timeline

@ABorbaWMF How did you obtain that screenshot? (what device is that?)

It was from the Xiaomi 12X, but the scroll screenshot feature is on any Android 12+ device. More info here

Dbrant triaged this task as Medium priority.

ha, that screenshot feature seems to have slipped past me! thanks.