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Links to wikibase entities from cradle entity finder are malformed
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Steps to replicate the issue (include links if applicable):

image.png (753×703 px, 65 KB)

See specifically they are of the form:

What should have happened instead?:
Instead, I expect the fields to correctly link to item pages.

To do on our end:

  • Investigate further into the issue and specify what we need
  • Reach out to Magnus to align on an approach to solve it (i.e. propose fix or specify the problem)

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@Addshore do we need triage on this to get the ball rolling on fixing the use of Cradle for

@Martsniez thats all for @Evelien_WMDE
As far as I can see it is currently in the correct column on the correct work board to get looked at

Tarrow renamed this task from Cradle item URL duplicate the domain to Links to wikibase entities from cradle entity finder are malformed.Jan 24 2023, 10:29 AM
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For a place to start looking maybe try this fairly complex block? I'm afraid at a glance understanding what needs changing here isn't trivial to me.

Could be useful to have information on how often these links are clicked; if it's very few then we might want to prioritise this.

We could try to quantify the number of 404s we get over time to urls similar to

@Fring same with this one. let me know if you think it makes sense for you to cover this one too.