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wikistats: mediawiki version shown incorrectly in "largest wikis" listing
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20:36 < jfolv> Was directed to here for this question, so I'll go ahead and copy/paste my question from the other channel.
20:36 < jfolv> Noticed something interesting. Bulbapedia is showing up in the "largest wikis" listing on wikistats as having version 1.18.2, but it correctly shows 1.35.2 in the regular listings. This is  strange, because we haven't been on 1.18 in forever. Is that some kind of caching issue?

20:37 < jfolv> (Compare to )

20:37 < jfolv> I would have to imagine it can't be something on our end.

20:37 < p858snake> mutante: ^

20:41 < mutante> I think this means the timer (formerly cronjob) to update versions isn't running or does not exist.
20:41 < mutante> I would be the one who has to fix that.. 
20:42 < mutante> oh.. so when you say "regular listings" you mean the table with all mediawikis..right
20:42 < mutante> the only place it's not working is that "largest wikis" special page?
20:43 < mutante> yes, that page is .. special (too special)

Compare to

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Since this hasn't been updated yet, I want to go ahead and add this bit of discussion, as it is relevant to the problem.

<mutante> ok, so it's only once in the B and it has 1.35.2 there as well. and I see the problem
<mutante> DB
<mutante> there is an old field called "version" which is set to 1.18.2 and a new field called "si_generator" which is "MediaWiki 1.35.2"
<mutante> the bug is that the largest pages displays the outdated field
<mutante> at some point in history we switched the way to fetch versions
<mutante> TLDR: it's not you, i'll fix it soon

So it seems that the issue revolves around the software incorrectly using an outdated field in that particular table. Hopefully, that shouldn't be too problematic to fix.

And thanks again, Dzahn! Appreciate the swift response!

@JFolvarcik Thanks for adding that to the ticket.

See now. It is fixed and shows the version for Bulbapedia it should show, right?

This is currently a live hack so I will keep this open to follow-up in the code repository.

The change was:


$fields_mediawikis = "id,si_sitename as lang, concat(si_server,si_articlepath) as prefix,version,${number_fields}";


$fields_mediawikis = "id,si_sitename as lang, concat(si_server,si_articlepath) as prefix,si_generator as version,${number_fields}";

in /usr/share/php/wikistats/largest_query.php

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Oh, I forgot about this, thanks RhinosF1. Someone needs to upload the change (to gitlab).