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Create a cron job that query those contacts with donation get deleted, and send failmail to alert us
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Related with delete deleted contacts job (drush_civicrm_cleanup_old_deleted_contacts_civicrm_cleanup_contacts), that we should only delete contacts if no donation associated with it, which means we should not have contact with donation get deleted, but we do see donation associated with deleted contact (T317254).

Initial thoughts is that since we delete deleted job already took too many memory to run, we do not want to check each contacts if they have donations associated with, thus some contacts with is_deleted equal true might fall to this situation.

Write a cron job just like we did for delete deleted contact job to check if any donation has no contact associated with, if so send a FAILMAIL with detail to us for further investigation. Purely find out why we have mark that contact with is_deleted true at the first place

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