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Add checkbox on User Contributions for "Only show edits that are NOT latest revisions"
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Author: Jason_quinn

The User contributions tab has a checkbox that shows your contributions that are the latest revisions of articles. It would be desirable to have the opposite search possible.

It is common for an edit to a page to prompt other users into making edits. I often find myself curious what they've done.

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The switch you suggest would remove some of the information from your query -- anything they've edited that they're the last to have edited it won't be shown. Can you describe a scenario where that's something you'd want?

Jason_quinn wrote:

To my thinking, my proposed search seems more worthwhile than the one already present. After all, if I'm the top editor, in theory, I already know what the present state of the article is. Why would I want to see those? It's only those pages which have been edited by others that leave me in the dark about their present state.

My rational is that editors who edit an article develop at least a temporary interest in that article. It may not be strong or lasting enough for them to include in their watchlist but it's an interest nonetheless. I find myself, out of curiosity, following up on pages that I've recently edited that somebody also else also edited. Did they "mess up" my changes? Remove them? etc. Did I make a mistake that somebody else fix? There are many reasons that make following up on your own edits worthwhile. When you have many "top" edits, it can be frustrating to find the non-top ones.

Personally I feel the controls box for special:contribs is getting really crowded...

This would likely be better handled as a view showing "new activity on pages I've recently touched", which should probably go in with general modernization of the whole Recentchanges/Watchlist/Talk/notifications structure.

I'm going to go ahead and WONTFIX this individual bug as I tend to agree with comment 3 that we're already a bit cluttered, but if there's lots of interest in it I won't personally object to reopening or implementation.

(Just to note -- I do see what you're going for, Jason, and it's a reasonable thing to advocate for! I just don't think this is the best way to accomplish it.)

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