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Enable Extension:FlaggedRevs for fiwiki (
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Hi, please enable FlaggedRevs-extension for finnish Wikipedia. Voting for enabling it can be found in finnish here:

In english the result of the voting was that there was very strong consensus about to enable the FlaggedRevs-extension but not about that if we want to keep using it after unspecified testing period.

Configuration should be something like this: We would like to have the sighted version and the quality version feature and all users should see latest version by default.

$wgFlaggedRevTags = array( 'accuracy'=>2 )
$wgFlaggedRevsAutoReview = True
$wgFlaggedRevsAutoReviewNew = True
$wgFlaggedRevsOverride = false

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Severity: enhancement



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At the moment, the Wikimedia Foundation is not activating FlaggedRevs on any new wikis, pending further discussion on the extensions future.

Marking as RESOLVED LATER, tracked against bug 29744

There should be couple configuration changes.

  • wgSimpleFlaggedRevsUI should be false by default, because there are several layout bugs with icon based ui and fiwiki's infoboxes.
  • Administrators should be directly in editor and reviewer groups and they should be able to stabilize pages.
  • thanks Kimmo

little fix for the second change: Administrators should be directly only in editor group and they should be able to stabilize pages.

I've set wgSimpleFlaggedRevsUI to false

Can you be more exact about what you want for the other changes?

I think that the change related to administrator settings is this (based on ):

$wgGroupPermissions['sysop']['review'] = true;
$wgGroupPermissions['sysop']['stablesettings'] = true;

For editor group you could add this:
$wgGroupPermissions['editor']['rollback'] = true;

I've added those now, how does it look?

Change worked like a charm. There should one change more though.

"Reviewer" right seems to do nothing and my guess is that there is error in wgFlaggedRevTags setting and you could try to fix it by removing the wgFlaggedRevTags line from fiwiki customization (eg.i am hoping that using defaults would do the trick and fix things :) )

This should be also added.

$wgGroupPermissions['sysop']['unreviewedpages'] = true;

Rollback rights for editors should be removed. After week there is pretty much consensus in finnish wikipedia that rollback created more problems than it solved. So please remove this line when you are updating the configurations:

$wgGroupPermissions['editor']['rollback'] = true;

I've commented out the $wgFlaggedRevTags and added those 2 extra permission changes

One change was to REMOVE the line below (you added it and now it is twice):

$wgGroupPermissions['editor']['rollback'] = true;

"Reviewer" right, seems to work somehow, but there is still problems. Let's try with these:

$wgFlaggedRevTags = array(

'accuracy' => array( 'levels' => 3, 'quality' => 3, 'pristine' => 4 ),

$wgFlagRestrictions = array(

'accuracy' => array( 'review' => 3, 'autoreview' => 2 ),


Reedy: Any progress there or even any timeframe for the change?

Anyway if delay is just because there isn't any detailed information why changes are needed i can try to explain:

Rollback should be removed from editor group because pretty much everybody are in editor group and rollback links will break the user experience of the recent changes page. Biggest problems are with users using touch screens. Those who want to use rollback feature can use it via rollback rights as before.

Problem with reviewer user group is that if article is reviewed to level 2 then it will block the editor user group from doing any reviews to that article. Another problem which we currently have is that it will take too much time to check all articles of finnish wikipedia with current setup. At current speed timeframe is something like one or two years.

To handle speed issue plan is to set one review level for articles which edits are checked but their current state is unknown so there is no need to read article before first review (just checking latest diff is enough). Second level is for articles which are read with though. Third level is currently only for planning. Anyway all users in editor group should be able to review articles to all three levels.

Thank you for fast reply, and harm done with the delay.

Btw still some problems. For some reason $wgFlagRestrictions['accuracy']['autoreview'] = 2 doesn't seem to be effective.

In example if article is reviewed to level 2 and it is edited then new autoreviewed level is 1 and it should be 2. Based on it is handled also with $wgFlaggedRevsTagsAuto -parameter so maybe adding this will fix it:

$wgFlaggedRevsTagsAuto = array(

'accuracy' => 2,


Because this is not yet changed. Let change request to set max autoreview level should be three. So config should look like this. Btw, after autoreview works i think this bug should be closed. Sorry about the mess with the changing the config.

$wgFlagRestrictions = array(

    'accuracy' => array( 'review' => 3, 'autoreview' => 3 ),

$wgFlaggedRevsTagsAuto = array(

'accuracy' => 3,


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