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toolbar: add the letters Ș, ș, Ț, ț; remove the letters Ţ, ţ, Ŀ, ŀ
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removed the unneeded letters and added new ones

For the Romanian language, the letters 'Ș', 'ș', 'Ț', 'ț' must be added.

'Ș' and 'ș' are distinct from 'Ş' and 'ş', which are used in Turkish and other languages.

'Ț' and 'ț' are preferred to 'Ţ' and 'ţ', which aren't actually used in any language. 'Ţ' and 'ţ' should be removed. See the article [[T-comma]].

'Ŀ' and 'ŀ' are pre-combined compatibility letters. They are for the Catalan language, but the two-character combinations "L·" and "l·" are preferred. See the article [[Interpunct]].

A patch is attached.

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Patch applied in r94447, thanks,

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