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The link underline on hover appiar upper the link's text.
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The link underline on hover appiar upper the link's text when written Wikilinks at the sentence beginning of discussion page. I confirmed with Chrome and Edge, not reproducible with IE and Firefox.
It is probably caused that the HTML tags are arranged in order "<a href=""><span data-mw-comment-start=""></span>Link's text</a>".

It can be seen in several language wikipedia.

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Junknote updated the task description. (Show Details)

Hi @Junknote, thanks for taking the time to report this! Could you please provide/attach a screenshot of the problem here? Thanks.

Thank you for your reply. I showed two screenshots below. The first screenshot is Chrome, and second is Edge.

UpperunderlineChrome.jpg (749×1 px, 340 KB)

UpperunderlineEdge.jpg (748×1 px, 329 KB)

Ah, thanks. If this happens only in Chrome-based browsers then this is very likely not an issue in MediaWiki software server-side. Please feel free to bring this up in a support forum - thanks!

Yes, this happens only in Chromium-based browsers and only if link is placed at the beginning (next behind *)

Uh, now I managed to reproduce in Chromium 105. Sorry, reopening and merging into the existing report.