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429 Too Many Requests when first expanding icon help map
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Steps to reproduce:

Looking at the log you will see that you get 429 Too Many Requests errors from the map server.

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In the debugger, I see roughly 280 requests to maps-beta, and throttling is kicking in somewhere above 100. If you load the overlay at the same time as the base page, it's roughly 500 requests. I think that in production, we'll be throttled by the general fallback rule here, which allows for a burst of 1000 requests from a client. So in theory, this page will be fine in production.

However, I haven't been able to find the rule which is throttling differently on beta, so I have a low confidence in the findings so far. I'll do an experiment with a map on production with hundreds of icons.

awight moved this task from Ready for pickup to In sprint on the WMDE-GeoInfo-FocusArea board.

Experimentally, we can get 380 requests served rapidly on a test page in production, so we're hoping this issue is specific to the beta cluster.