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[enable registration] Improve "integrate tracking tool" copy and consider removing "add tracking tool" dropdown
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Feedback from v1 desktop usability test

YUX priority: medium


  • “Integrate Tracking tool” is still unclear for many users, the drop down function is often not seen, or seems to indicate there are options (when right now there is only one option - the P&E Dashboard)
  • Concerns about going out of the process when setting up a new dashboard
  • A lot of wikimedians did not know what the P&E Dashboard was; once explained they were excited about it - which indicates the layout/text isn't clear enough

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ldelench_wmf created this task.
  • @CKMIE89 to add ideas for copy
  • Since we only have one tracking tool, just show that one - and later when there's more, we add more
  • Removing dropdown - good opportunity to revisit this since we're working on integrating P&E Dashboard now