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Announce planned Topic Containers (desktop) Beta Feature deployment at Phase 2 wikis
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This task involves the work of making volunteers at the German, English, and Japanese Wikipedias aware of the planned deployment of Topic Containers as a Beta Feature.


WikiLink(s) to announcementsBlocking concerns raised?
en.wikimessage, VPT

Announcement requirements

Each of the announcements we post ought to equip volunteers with the information they need to know:

  1. What changes this deployment will introduce to peoples' talk page experiences who have the Discussion tools beta feature enabled in Special:Preferences
  2. What testing has preceded the planned introduction of Topic Containers as a Beta Feature at these wikis. //E.g. Central notice campaigns and deployments at all other Wikimedia wikis
  3. Where and how people can share feedback about these changes
  4. Where and how people can enable/disable these changes
  5. When these changes are likely to be deployed
    • Scheduled for the week of 26 Sep via T315625.


  • Announcements that meet the Requirements above are published in places at,, and where volunteers are likely to see them
  • Links to the announcements are documented in the Announcements section above