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Support to Typing tools / Narayam in Inputbox
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While using inputbox in Indic wiki's where Narayam (rather its javascript version) is installed, we cant get the typing tool working along with InputBox.

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Do you have a link to an example page where this doesn't work? uses <inputbox> to create a new article with typed text in it.

junu.pv+public wrote:

Srikanth, the old version has no support for custom input boxes.

I recommend you to install the extension itself there. So you can type in every input boxes on the site. Please gather community consensus and file a new bug to install the extension.

Junaid, Would moving to extension mean loosing some customizations in mapping we did? I remember there were some improvements in key mapping done by some admins. Let me know how we can retain them. Requesting community consensus. Thanks for your advice.

junu.pv+public wrote:

That we can apply on extension.

Thanks Junaid, raised a bug 29798 for the same. Closing this bug