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DairikiDiff/WikiDiff <ins> and <del> should undo browser default styling (strike/underline)
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I thought this was a regression, because I compared a Wikimedia wiki history page with one on my localhost but that was due to bug 29778.

Currently text becomes confusing or unreadable in diffs during the use of <ins> and <del> without fighting the browser defaults (strking and underlining). See attached screenshots to see what I mean.

We should add default styling to prevent that.

Version: 1.17.x
Severity: normal


TitleReferenceAuthorSource BranchDest Branch
Add test case for backporting to checked-out but non-live branchrepos/releng/scap!214dancymaster-Ied68b1f040c96b7716273898d9a2c1d3941207b2master
deploy/scripts/scap-prep-mw-branches: Create old-version filerepos/releng/train-dev!34dancyreview/dancy/create-old-versions-filemain
scap backport: Enhance handling of checked-out but not live branchesrepos/releng/scap!208sandeepsmaster-I708f0ebceef31af43208ad3f9a4f6305c5fb2149master
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Screenshot of WikiDiff in 1.19-svn localhost


Afbeelding_1.png (570×959 px, 106 KB)

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Screenshot of WMF diff


Afbeelding_2.png (367×926 px, 60 KB)

Set' back to 1.17 as this bug was reproduced there as well. It should be backported to 1.18 and if possible to 1.17. It may be too trivial for 1.17.1, but the bug version is still 1.17