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[EPIC] Deprecate EventLogging::schemaValidate
Open, Needs TriagePublic


\MediaWiki\Extension\EventLogging\EventLogging::schemaValidate() allows the caller to validate an object against a JSONSchema. It's not clear which draft of JSONSchema it supports but one code comment suggests that it's pre draft-03.

MediaWiki Core depends on/uses the justinrainbow/json-schema library for validating objects against JSONSchema in production.

All known uses of ::schemaValidate() should be migrated to use the justinrainbow/json-schema library, which supports draft-03 and draft-04, and then the method should be hard deprecated.


  • Update EventLogging's usage of ::schemaValidate()
  • Update CollaborationKit's usage of ::schemaValidate()
  • Update FileAnnotations' usage of ::schemaValidate()
  • Update UploadWizard's usage ::schemaValidate()
  • Hard deprecate ::schemaValidate()
  • Remove ::schemaValidate() and the code in includes/Libs/JsonSchemaValidation after the next MediaWiki release