Bad sorting in category due to deletion requests
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If I load up Category:All free media, the first 130 images are images that have a CSD notice on them, then I get 70 images as expected. If I then select "next 200" - I get a page with the same 130 images and the next lot of 70 images. Should there bee 200 images witha CSD, I doubt if I can see anything else. I've used 2 browsers, on 3 PCs and logged in and logged out - all do the same.

Tried IE9, FF5 on W7 and XP, another user reports same with FF4


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OS: Windows 7
Platform: PC


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Actually you get the 130 first images (I think now they are not so many) and then 200 more, and "next 200" gives the first 130 again and then 200 other files.

Using the API to list the category members[*] I see that the first files have "type=page" instead of "type=file", and timpstamps near 2011-07-07T05:44. So something happened at that time storing the changes incorrectly in the database.

Null edits on the files will save correct data in the database.

ronald wrote:

OK, Lejonel. I didn't actually count the 70 - I just counted the 130, out of (I assumed) 200. I can confirm that null edits do work, and that new pages that are tagged with a CSD do not show early. As you say, there must have been some error that day. Time for 100 null edits then...


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