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2022-09-16: tools and misc nfs share cleanup
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Once again, in the tradition of T156982: Cleanup tools nfs share on labstore1004/5 and T183920: 2018-01-02: labstore Tools and Misc share very full, and T247315: 2020-03-10: tools and misc nfs share cleanup, we must clean up the NFS to prevent collapse.

/dev/drbd4      8.0T  6.8T  769G  91% /srv/tools

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Few larger home directories. Though aside from, maybe, wmr-bot nothing worth much attention. Will see when projects finishes.

11G /srv/tools/shared/tools/home/leaderboard
11G /srv/tools/shared/tools/home/sdesabbata
11G /srv/tools/shared/tools/home/zhaofeng
12G /srv/tools/shared/tools/home/davids
13G /srv/tools/shared/tools/home/kjschiroo
13G /srv/tools/shared/tools/home/pirsquared
14G /srv/tools/shared/tools/home/ariutta
15G /srv/tools/shared/tools/home/lamrin
16G /srv/tools/shared/tools/home/cosmiclattes
22G /srv/tools/shared/tools/home/mzmcbride
39G /srv/tools/shared/tools/home/dispenser
189G /srv/tools/shared/tools/home/wmr-bot
for i in $(cat tools_large_files_20220916.txt | grep -e "out$\|err$\|access.log$\|error.log$" | awk '{print $3}') ; do truncate -s 1M $i ; done

down to 75%

/dev/drbd4      8.0T  5.6T  2.0T  75% /srv/tools