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Commons: Error creating thumbnail - PNG file with more than 12.5 million pixels
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Failed to create thumbnail

Error message: "Error creating thumbnail: Invalid thumbnail parameters or PNG file with more than 12.5 million pixels"

Example URL:

Version: unspecified
Severity: normal



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That file is indeed wayyyyy over 12.5 MP -- it clocks in at over 46 MP actually! Unfortunately our current image-scaling infrastructure is simply very inefficient with very large source PNG and TIFF files... This check is in place to prevent server meltdowns! :)

As a workaround, upload a JPEG version -- it'll be lossy, but thumbnails are inherently lossy anyway -- the vast majority of views of the image will be MUCH smaller than the original.

Even if the JPEG file's at full original size it's more likely to be able to scale successfully since the scalers can take shortcuts for JPEG it doesn't use as much memory.

Removing bogus dependency -- crept in editing on wrong tab.

I am saying openly I do not like yourself closing such bugs with a single comment like that. Unfortunatelly, there is NO place to talk about such enhancements but this bugzilla. I wish there was a better place to track enhancement requests in a more humane manner, but unfortunatelly the Foundation is unable to supply us with such a place, a bridge between wiki and bugzilla.

I wish FTL data communication for the servers.... /me waits while the foundation makes it happen.

In all seriousness though, some things just don't scale well, thumbnailing 50MB or more of PNG imagedata is one of those things. This is a well known issue, it won't be forgotten, since it is very visible, but the solution will require a lot more time, and likely a volunteer skilled in the area of imagescaling with way too much time on his hands. The cost/benefit is just not there at the moment I think.

btw. this image is actually a dupe. closing it as such.

  • This bug has been marked as a duplicate of bug 9497 ***