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Debug mode to help identify why tabs sometimes fail to load
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Feature summary:

Would be nice to have a config option (in localsettings) that causes HeaderTabs to be more verbose during page loads so wiki admins can debug intermittent failures of the tabs to load.

Use case(s):

I would use it to debug the issue described at:

As it it right now. HeaderTabs intermittently fails to load (say, 1 time in 10) without any errors in the PHP logs or JS errors in the browser.

Running Skin:Chameleon + SMW 3.2.x + MW 34.x & 35.x

Benefits (why should this be implemented?):

Admins of wikis running lots of extensions would have more tools to identify the source of the failure for headertabs to load.

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Yaron_Koren subscribed.

There already is a debug mode for MediaWiki, which can be activated in a few ways, including adding "debug=true" to the URL. Perhaps Header Tabs should be outputting more information during debug mode, the way some other extensions do, like VisualEditor. Or perhaps Header Tabs already outputs whatever information is needed to debug specific problems like that one. In either case, this specific request seems unnecessary, so I'm marking it as Declined.