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Enable Extension:Sort on Hindi Wikipedia
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Author: vibhijain

Please enable Extension:Sort on Hindi Wikipedia. The local consensus is here:विकिपीडिया:New_Extension

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Severity: enhancement



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vibhijain wrote:

Kindly review it fast.

Looking at the code, it seems it more just needs testing that it still works on newer versions of MediaWiki, the code is relatively simple

As for the "fast"...

A few comments:

  • Although the extension looks pretty straightforward, it still needs parser tests.
  • It should be possible to restrict the sort to some sane number of items to avoid DoS.
  • Its current syntax <sort class="(ul|dl)"> looks unintuitive, I would really like it to be something like <sort list="(#|*)">
  • Can it be tweaked to sort tables?

Extension:Sort is for creating wiki lists that are alphabetically sorted. Afaik it does not allow per-language sorting and is not related to implementing a locale-specific sorting system in MediaWiki core.

Changing dependencies/blocker

sumanah wrote:

Vaibhav Jain: I'm sorry, but we can no longer see that local consensus; the page doesn't work. So if you reopen this bug, please give a link that works; thanks.

Also, the Sort extension is no longer maintained -- as you can see at , the original developer is no longer involved in maintaining or working on MediaWiki-related software, and last worked on Sort in 2007 (see ). I left a message at mentioning this Bugzilla issue and asking for fixes, but I do not predict a quick response unless someone finds a volunteer to fix up Sort.

So it might be better to open a new bug (or set of bugs) to specify, specifically, what functionality you need, and then we can figure out what extensions, gadgets, or core modifications would be needed to get you that functionality. I assume that the internationalization team will be interested, so please add that keyword.