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Evaluate igbinary for php-memcached at WMF
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WMF switched to igbinary, instead of php serialize(), to better use memcached memory and lower network I/O, but had to switch back due to HHVM incompatibility. Since we don't use HHVM anymore, we could consider switching back. The PECL client already supports seamless migration using the bit field flags.

It would really be useful for cutting down on bytes spent on things like WANCache wrappers, just from some quick use of var_dump().

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See also T225074: Evaluate using igbinary for MW php-apcu at WMF, which may be smaller in scope and easier to apply and benchmark on a handful of servers in a more isolated way. I'm naively assuming here that in terms of decoding/decompressing that it works essentially the same for both the apcu as the memcached use case.

Krinkle renamed this task from Consider switching memcached back to igbinary to Evaluate igbinary for php-memcached at WMF.Sep 22 2022, 1:07 PM