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Enable Extension:Usage Statistics on Hindi Wikipedia
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Author: vibhijain

Please enable Extension:Usage Statistics on Hindi Wikipedia. The local consensus is here:विकिपीडिया:New_Extension

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Severity: enhancement



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Just from a quick glance, this extension would need some *major* cleanup to be considered for deployment to WMF sites. It's not in good shape at all.

'Local consensus' link leads to a nonexistent page.

Assuming the extension is this:

While it looks like it might be able to make some neat graphs, performance is obviously a concern; it's unlikely that we'd deploy something like this without a way to make sure it can always run very efficiently even on the largest/most active sites/pages/users.

It's unlikely we'd turn something like this on on a wiki-by-wiki basis either; it should either go in or not.

  • extension needs overall cleanup & overhaul
  • the actual DB queries look fairly likely to explode on large data sets -- it may read a row for *every edit you've ever made* and doesn't even try to limit to a sane number; very slow queries or running out of memory are possible
  • needs to use rev_user instead of rev_user_text when possible (renaming inconsistencies)
  • gnuplot usage would need a security audit etc probably -- or replace with something else (not google charts, we'd want to avoid using an external service)
  • split JavaScript libraries out of the PHP files!