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Function editor: Remove an item from the list of arguments
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As a user with function-editing privileges I want to be able to remove inputs from a function definition without breaking the existing system.

Currently there is a "trash" icon next to the input field in the Mobile view, but it doesn't perform any action. There is no trash icon or button in input fields in Desktop view.

The related tasks to accomplish this are:

  • T318315 Engineering: Implement functionality of remove input field using the Mobile view button.
  • T318316 Design: Create proposal for adding a input delete button/icon in Desktop view.
  • T318317 Engineering: Implement Desktop view delete input button.

Acceptance criteria

  • Should be able to edit a function and delete an input field
  • Should be announced in a dialog that my changes will alter the function behavior and so implementations and testers will be automatically detached
  • Should detach all implementations and testers when performing Save

Completion checklist

During the review process, edit and check these items to reflect the completion status of this epic

  • Functionality
    • Every related task should passes its completion checklist
    • The tests for every involved project pass successfully
    • The build process for every involved project passes successfully
    • Coverage for every involved project has improved or stayed the same
  • Design
    • Was reviewed and approved by the design/UX team

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