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Reply card issue when using dynamic type
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Reporting an UI issue after running a usability test with newcomers testing the new talk pages beta build.


Because of dynamic type the text input field (when trying to respond to a comment) disappears. The license/copyright text ends up taking up all of the space.

  • We should make the whole initial card taller (maybe already have it as tall as what it would be with the keyboard, as shown below).
  • And ensure that the area between the copyright text and the top of the card has a min. height or have a max. line height for the copyright text.
IssueCurrent design with keyboardCurrent design without keyboardProposed new design
Screenshot 2022-09-22 at 14.11.37.png (1×648 px, 555 KB)
IMG_9119 1.png (896×414 px, 52 KB)
Group 427318374.png (896×415 px, 76 KB)
Group 2.png (896×434 px, 56 KB)

The designs can be found in the Talk page Figma file on slide #9

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Looks good to me on 7.0.0 (1986)