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Create a presentation for Campaigns Baselines data
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Create a presentation to share the results of analysis from T300411.

  • draft presentation
  • share presentation with a product analytics team member - Shay
  • share presentation with product analytics team
  • schedule and discuss (global campaign event names vs localized names (and the use of global for the back end), data validation, data normalization) data QA takeaways with @cmelo and @vyuen
  • pull out slides from the presentation for the "INTERNAL: Introduction to the Campaigns team, Oct 13 2022" deck presentation with Selena
  • share presentation with Campaigns-product team during a 1-hour meeting to share the findings with the team. Mtg goals: share the data, explain caveats and limitations of the data, surface open questions the team has, mark T300411 as complete.
  • share presentation with community campaigns team
  • share presentation with partnerships team
  • share presentation with grants team
  • share presentation with GDI team

Use discussions to inform T318123

see presentation

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