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Collect run data from WebPageReplay tests on AWS
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With the device lab we started to collect run data that stores for 8 days in Graphite. That data helped me to the span of metrics and makes it easier to spot regressions.

I will add that to all tests but a first step is to do that for the WebPageReplay tests on AWS and verify that it works as it should.

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Change 834640 had a related patch set uploaded (by Phedenskog; author: Phedenskog):

[performance/synthetic-monitoring-tests@master] Enable run data in Graphite for WebPageReplay tests.

Change 834640 merged by jenkins-bot:

[performance/synthetic-monitoring-tests@master] Enable run data in Graphite for WebPageReplay tests.

Hmm this didn't work with the first config change. We only get one point per run

Screenshot 2022-09-26 at 07.44.08.png (544×2 px, 318 KB)

compared to what it should look like:

Screenshot 2022-09-26 at 07.44.33.png (552×2 px, 311 KB)

The problem was that we had matching rules earlier in storage-schemas.conf. I've fixed that now and gonna remove/restart.

There was a downtime for 20s but now the Graphite instance is up and running again, lets wait for metrics to arrive before I close the issue.