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Replace error message with prompt to create Wikipedia Account when logged out user clicks subscribe
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Presently if someone isn't logged in on the Android app they see the Subscribe bell and it gives them an error message if they try to click it. On Mobile Web, logged out users do not see the subscription bell at all for talk pages.

If a user is logged out in the Android app, they should be see the same screen that users see a prompt letting them know in order to subscribe to a conversation they must "Join Wikipedia". The Join Wikipedia action should be a button component and takes people to the same destination that we send users during onboarding.

User Story
As a logged out user on the Wikipedia Android app, I would like to be notified that the reason I can't subscribe to a conversation is because I am logged out, so that I can make an account and keep track of conversations that are important to me

Proposed designs
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image.png (1×720 px, 143 KB)

Proposed user flow

  1. Non-logged in user taps on the 'subscribe' button on a talk page
  2. Dialog is opened
    • 2A. User taps 'Maybe later' or taps outside of dialog > Dialog is dismissed, user is not subscribed to topic
      • If user taps 'Maybe later' and isn't logged in they should see the dialog again if the press subscribe while logged out
    • 2B. User taps 'Join Wikipedia' > User is navigated to the 'Join Wikipedia' page (same as onboarding)
      • 3B. User successfully logs in or joins Wikipedia > User is navigated back to Talk page and subscribed to topic
      • 3C. User does not successfully log in to or join Wikipedia > User is navigated back to Talk page and not subscribed to topic


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Hi @JTannerWMF, I've added a dialog mock and a suggested user flow, let me know if there are any changes I should make! Thanks!

JTannerWMF updated the task description. (Show Details)
JTannerWMF updated the task description. (Show Details)
JTannerWMF added a subscriber: cmadeo.

Thank you so much @cmadeo , this looks wonderful, I am moving it to Ready for Dev, with the addition of when people that click maybe later should see the dialog again if logged out

This is great @JTannerWMF and @cmadeo, thanks for helping out 👏

@cooltey could you provide an apk link, please? thanks!

Hi @scblr
Sorry about that! I put the link to the ticket description, please let me know if you have any questions. Thanks!

Can we make sure that this is instrumented? I may want to know how many people sign up through this particular link

Hi @JTannerWMF

Thanks for checking this.

@SNowick_WMF, please help to update the MobileWIkiAppLogin schema:

add subscribe to source since it is an enum type of field. BTW, do you recommend any other enum value instead of subscribe? Should we update it to talk_subscribe or topic_subscribe since it is the action for subscribing to a topic?

"subscribe" <==== add this

Added enum value subscribe to source in MobileWikiAppLogin

Note new revision is 24000493

Old revision was 20710032