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Remove test wiki prefix from category views
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Feature summary: When viewing a category that belongs to a test wiki (i.e. one with a prefix), the pages in it that belong to that same test wiki (which should be all of the pages) should not have the prefix in the category listing.

Use case(s): It is unnecessary and redundant to show the test wiki prefix in front of every page when every single page in the category has the same prefix. Especially for RTL languages, this gets really cluttered, as illustrated here:

Screenshot from 2022-09-27 02-59-53.png (938×1 px, 131 KB)

Benefits: For the ease of contributors and readers.

Note: The live Wikimedia Incubator already has this functionality via Javascript; this is about implementing the same in the extension's PHP code instead.

Event Timeline

Change 835298 had a related patch set uploaded (by Jon Harald Søby; author: Jon Harald Søby):

[mediawiki/extensions/WikimediaIncubator@master] Remove test prefixes from category views

Test wiki created on Patch demo by Jon Harald Søby using patch(es) linked to this task:

For anyone reading this, the reason this is not been merged or fixed is because of an unexpected problem with the CategoryTree extension (MediaWiki-extensions-CategoryTree); the patch above removes prefixes from category names in the normal category view, but when the CategoryTree extension is installed (as it is by default on all Wikimedia wikis), that extension "overrides" that and uses the prefixed category names. I have yet to find a solution to that.

Change 835298 abandoned by Jon Harald Søby:

[mediawiki/extensions/WikimediaIncubator@master] Remove test prefixes from category views


Haven't found a way to make this work with the CategoryTree extension; the currently used Javascript solution works for now.