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🎬️ mobile-de-07 | Soft close | ⏰ November 3rd
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Acceptance Criteria

  • The banners are based on the variant banner of mobile-de-06.
  • Both banners display the campaign progress bar.
  • Both banners include the campaign parameters file.
  • Both banners display the campaign day sentence.
  • Screenshots of the banners are uploaded to Shutterbug.
  • Variant banner:
    • Clicking the close button displays a mini banner asking if the user wants to support Wikipedia later.
    • The design of the mini banner is implemented as defined in the design file.
    • Clicking the "Erstmal nicht" (not now) button closes the banner and sets the usual close banner cookie to prevent further banner impressions.
    • Clicking the "Yes" ("Ja") button closes the mini banner and doesn't prevent further banner impressions.
    • A progress bar is displayed at the top of the mini banner, filling up to the right in 15 seconds.
    • If the countdown reaches 0, the banner is closed and the usual close banner cookie is set to prevent further banner impressions.
    • An event is logged in WMDEBannerSizeIssue, if
      • the "Yes" button is clicked (banner-closed-maybe-later).
      • the "Not now" button is clicked (banner-closed).
      • the banner automatically closes after 15 seconds (mini-banner-ignored).

Banner Copy

Slide #1Unser Spendenziel: 9,4 Millionen Euro
Slide #2 headline(i) An alle, die Wikipedia in Deutschland nutzen
Slide #2 paragraphVielleicht kommen wir gerade ungelegen, aber dennoch: Klicken Sie jetzt bitte nicht weg! Am heutigen { currentDayName } bitten wir Sie bescheiden, die Unabhängigkeit von Wikipedia zu sichern.
Slide #3{ campaignDaySentence } Insgesamt spenden 99% nichts – sie übergehen diesen Aufruf. Wikipedia wird durch Spenden von durchschnittlich 22,66 € finanziert.
Slide #4Doch schon mit einer Spende von 5 € kann Wikipedia sich auch in Zukunft erfolgreich entwickeln. { visitorsVsDonorsSentence }
Slide #5Die meisten Menschen spenden, weil sie Wikipedia nützlich finden. Hat Wikipedia Ihnen in diesem Jahr Wissen im Wert einer Tasse Kaffee geschenkt? Dann nehmen Sie sich doch bitte eine Minute Zeit und geben Sie etwas zurück. Vielen Dank!


Screenshot from 2022-09-27 10-55-38.png (123×377 px, 5 KB)

Implementation details

Event Timeline

kai.nissen set the point value for this task to 13.

@kai.nissen I'm guessing the copy needs to be updated?

@AbbanWMDE I added the slide copy to the task description. The copy in the expanded banner is correct.

  • The filled width of the progress bar is too big for the value it represents.
  • The headline in the micro banner should only say "Wikipedia später unterstützen?" (to prevent line breaks). It might still be too long for 320 to 360px wide screens, also the right button is cut off. Should be scaled down a bit.

Okay these are fixed. I also updated the progress bar, the use of funds config and the duplicate text in the first slide

@AbbanWMDE Some things need fixing:

  • When clicking "Ja" on the micro banner the reserved space is not removed from the top of the page.
  • When clicking the close button of the expanded banner an error message is logged (Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'createTransitionValue') and the banner doesn't close.
  • The headline should move to the top and share the line with the close button.
  • There should be some spacing between the donation target line and the progress bar labels:

Screenshot from 2022-11-01 17-05-06.png (344×401 px, 17 KB)

Oops, I broke the maybe later call. Fixed now and the title is next to the close. There was 26px removed from the banner height which I added to the space between the target and progress bar.

Should I do the same thing with the title to the WMDE banner?

Huh, another thing popped up: The labels of the progress bar got bigger compared to last year. (14px -> 16px). Can you please change that back to 14px?

While at it, can you also remove the padding from the highlighting? This is something that should be removed everywhere, but is not important enough to justify a full change/rebase/push/deploy for all of the banners.

The changes can be applied to mobile-wpde, too.

The labels of the progress bar got bigger compared to last year. (14px -> 16px)

I think I increased that after comparing it with the last banner of last year