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Compare how much are entry points shown and accessed
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The initial instrumentation results for entry points of mobile translations (T295757#8256279) show how frequently entry points are accessed, but they provide no reference of how often are they shown to users. Being able to compare how often an entry point is shown and accessed provides a better sense of the impact for the entry point. This ticket proposes to instrument entry points to capture when they are shown to users.

These are the proposed entry points to instrument in rough order of priority (since this instrumentation is relevant for a different reason in each case):

  • "invite_new_article_creation" (T298084). The initial analysis showed this entry point represents a small percentage (3%) of the access to the tool. Knowing how often it is shown would help understand if the entry point is shown very rarely and how likely are those exposed to it to accept it.
  • "recent_translation" (T287236) and "recent_edit" (T287025). Both showed no events at all, and it would be relevant to know whether that is because the entry points are shown in very few cases (to adjust some of the rules that control their visibility). A related ticket on the investigation of these entry points (T318910) can bring some more light.
  • Post-publish follow-up (once T317995 is completed). This will allow to check which percentage of users value being offered a new section to translate after completing a previous one.
  • "frequent_languages" (T298032) and "content_language_selector" (T286470). Although both entry points showed to be the most popular, it may still be relevant to know how often a user exposed to a missing language decides to take action. Since these may represent a high volume of events, we may want to check with @MNeisler for further considerations in advance.