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Refactor Java MPC's event sending code
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Quoting T281772#8260465:

  1. MetricsClient has the responsibility of maintaining and periodically flushing the queue of events. This should be a separate class/collection of classes that MetricsClient collaborates with (see

<snip />

  1. Events should be sent in batches. EventGate is capable of accepting multiple events in one request

@Gehel's patch is a great start! It needs to be rebased and more tests need to be added, and then event batching needs to be implemented.


Event Timeline

Change 838230 had a related patch set uploaded (by Phuedx; author: EJoseph):

[mediawiki/libs/metrics-platform@master] [java] Introduce AtomicReference to make streamConfigs thread safe

Change 866659 had a related patch set uploaded (by Clare Ming; author: Clare Ming):

[mediawiki/libs/metrics-platform@master] Refactor Java event sending

Change 866659 merged by Clare Ming:

[mediawiki/libs/metrics-platform@master] Refactor Java event sending