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CUJ 4: Create tests
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Critical User Journey 4: Create tests

Job To Be Done

When <situation> I want to <job> so I can <expected outcome or motivation>

Acceptance criteria

An editor user...

  • Should be able to find a function from the Wikifunctions landing page
  • Should be able to easily navigate to the page for adding a tester to this function
  • Should be able to select or write any valid input values
  • Should be able to specify how to validate the output value
  • Should be able to publish a new tester successfully
    • Should be able to successfully see the new tester in the function page once it's successfully saved
    • If something failed, should be able to see what was the problem so that it can be corrected ---

Completion checklist

During the review process, edit and check these items to reflect the completion status of this epic

  • Functionality
    • Every project (repository) involved in this user story has its separate Phabricator task
    • Every related task should passes its completion checklist
    • The tests for every involved project pass successfully
    • The build process for every involved project passes successfully
    • Coverage for every involved project has improved or stayed the same
  • Design
    • Design review on updated software
    • Test concept via an Alpha, Beta or Prototype with partner communities and those potentially impacted by feature, in their preferred language
  • Documentation
    • Has related and updated documentation, E.g.:
      • Internal technical changes: internal repository documentation must be updated (, JSDoc, PHPDoc)
      • Infrastructure technical changes: technical changes that reflect on environment, infrastructure, endpoints or any other area of interest for technical contributors should be reflected on MediaWiki extension pages.
      • Product or model changes: should have related documentation updated in meta
  • Versioning
    • If changes in submodule packages are involved, every project that uses this submodule has updated submodule version and passes tests and build