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Saraiki Wiktionary missing from
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Steps to reproduce

  1. Open
  2. Search for Saraiki Wiktionary (ﺱﺭﺎﺋیکی, skr, 10k+ articles category).

Actual result

  1. It’s not there.

Expected result

  1. It’s there.

Debugging results

After some hours of debugging (the developer documentation is quite far from being perfect 🙁), I found out that the issue is that there’s no skr localization – only skr-arab. So actually this symptom is the result of two issues:

  • Why does the language code of the l10n differ from the language code of the wiki, and how could it not differ? This should be handled in this ticket, and it’s something I hope the Translatewiki folks can answer/solve.
  • Why does the generation script simply ignore languages that don’t have translations? Either it should use some fallback data, or show a giant error (or at least warning) message to the developer… This is a more complicated issue that should be handled in T319138.

Event Timeline

@Nikerabbit moved this task from Backlog to External on the board.

What does this column mean? It’s not obvious for me from the name, and there’s no documentation in the project description. If it means “just tracking, no action on our part”, then please reconsider: you’re the most familiar with how language codes interact with (I could easily just rename the file, but that would probably mean that page histories get lost on, maybe even the translations themselves as well.)

It's not actionable to us at the moment. I imagine we will add a code map entry if someone confirms that is the best solution. But someone needs to investigate first.

skr is definitely not the only case where the language code differs from the domain code. See

But someone needs to investigate first.

The question is who and when will investigate – this task has been sitting here for over three weeks now. Maybe it’s time to go for a solution, even if that solution might not be the best one.

skr is definitely not the only case where the language code differs from the domain code. See

I didn’t click your link back then, but now I did, and skr isn’t there – the wiki language is really skr (cf. siteinfo), which fall backs to skr-arab within MediaWiki core (rMW languages/messages/MessagesSkr.php). This is quite hard to resolve automatically (i.e. without a manually maintained mapping) without a running instance of MediaWiki – but even with one, looking at MessagesSkr.php, it’s just a fallback language, indistinguishable from the fallback language in rMW languages/messages/MessagesBar.php, yet the main page shouldn’t display Deutsch if there’s no translation for “Bavarian”, while it can and should use the skr-arab translation for skr. (For the curious: Saraiki support was added to MediaWiki in 0d0a41960966a9c48d9c34082a04be21ee505ecf, translation to skr was disabled over a year later in 2b9c1ccc330ae6e53b1bec252670b62e06a3209b.)

Change 882699 had a related patch set uploaded (by Jdrewniak; author: Jdrewniak):

[wikimedia/portals@master] Override "skr-arab" to "skr" when building portals

Change 882699 merged by jenkins-bot:

[wikimedia/portals@master] Override "skr-arab" to "skr" when building portals

Jdrewniak claimed this task.

This fix (finally) went out last week.

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