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Improve formatting of examples in ApiParamInfo
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examples="Get data with content for the last revision of titles "API" and "Main Page":
Get last 5 revisions of the "Main Page":
Get first 5 revisions of the "Main Page":
Get first 5 revisions of the "Main Page" made after 2006-05-01:
Get first 5 revisions of the "Main Page" that were not made made by anonymous user ""
Get first 5 revisions of the "Main Page" that were made by the user "MediaWiki default"

Is not pretty. Using an encoded \n between a list of strings

As such, when implemeting help urls, I switched it to be like

<helpurls>          <helpurl></helpurl>

As such, I know changing from the (crappy) inline attribute, to a list of elements is a "breaking change", how about doing both (?) for a while, and then sometime in the future, drop the nasty way?

I know it's not so much of a breaking change, as it's not parameter renaming, but it is a format change

Version: 1.20.x
Severity: enhancement



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r92430 does the formatting

Just need to decide about the old one...

Removing the old would be breaking. Closing bug as fixed