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UploadWizard for el.wikipedia
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Please make sure the extension has been localized at translatewiki[1] for your language.


-shell while untranslated

Also, need to get Neil to look over this, CC'd him earlier

Can't we deploy UploadWizard on all projects?

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Can't we deploy UploadWizard on all projects?

Not sure if all projects want/need it...

Do need some sort of WMF consensus on doing thes things, the hindi bug is blocked on Neil doing some licensing work for the fair use templates...

neilk wrote:

We can enable it as a Special page everywhere, without taking away admin's prerogatives about what the "Upload a file" link goes to. We could change it to have Special:UploadWizard by default, at some later date, if it's proving useful enough.

We're currently working on making it more configurable for special circumstances... I'd rather do that work first and then make it available for anyone.

Translation is 100% complete.

Oh! We do allow fair use in el.wikipedia, so it should be enabled when UploadWizard is compatible with fair use

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Ok, this bug depends on bug 29955 then.

Reopen when bug 29955 is fixed