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Define transwiki import source for kmwiki (Khmer Wikipedia) from be, en and simple
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Author: vantharith.oum

Greetings from Khmer Wikipedia,

We have encountered some difficulties in Import tool. Lately, we have manually done the work of localizing important templates from enwp - cos it's like the import tool is not functioning well.

I have seek support from other follow Wikipedians on IRC - so they suggested me to file a bug here.

The manual work of localizing templates is painful, difficult and time-consuming.
So can you help look at this issue?

Our kmwp community would like to localizing some required templates from both en and simple. Thank you!

Below are the links to:



Kind regards,


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Severity: enhancement



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vantharith.oum wrote:

Hi Reedy,

Still, after I visited the Special:Import (ពិសេស:នាំចូល) still there is some error with this msg below:

"No transwiki import sources have been defined and direct history uploads are disabled. "

Pls help reviewing it again!
Thank you!

Give that a try. Helps if I use the correct language code

vantharith.oum wrote:

DONE! Thank you!