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🎬️ ipad-en-01 | Soft close | ⏰ Nov 3rd
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Acceptance Criteria

  • The banners are based on last year's banners.
  • The second form page is removed.
  • Clicking the close button of the variant banner shows a mini banner.
  • The design of the mini banner is implemented as defined in the design file.
  • Clicking the "Not for now" button closes the banner and sets the usual close banner cookie to prevent further banner impressions.
  • Clicking the "Yes" ("Ja") button closes the mini banner and doesn't set the close banner cookie.
  • A progress bar is displayed at the top of the mini banner, filling up to the right in 15 seconds.
  • If the countdown reaches 0, the banner is closed and the usual close banner cookie is set to prevent further banner impressions.
  • An event is logged in WMDEBannerEvents, if
    • the "Yes" button is clicked (banner-closed-maybe-later).
    • the "Not now" button is clicked (banner-closed).
    • the banner automatically closes after 15 seconds (mini-banner-ignored).

Banner copy

Slide #1 headline(i) To all our readers in Germany,
Slide #1 paragraphThis { currentDayName } we humbly ask you to defend Wikipedia's independence. { campaignDaySentence } 99% of our readers don't give; they simply look the other way.
Slide #2We depend on donations averaging about € 22.66. { visitorsVsDonorsSentence } If you donate just € 5, Wikipedia could keep thriving for years.
Slide #3Most people donate because Wikipedia is useful. If Wikipedia has given you € 5 worth of knowledge this year, take a minute to donate. Thank you.
Mini banner headlineSupport Wikipedia later?
Mini banner button 1Yes
Mini banner button 2Not now
Mini banner auto-close messageAutomatically closes in n seconds

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kai.nissen changed the point value for this task from 8 to 3.Oct 17 2022, 10:44 AM

This banner now includes the new Visitors vs Donors sentence

@AbbanWMDE If you click on "Yes" in the soft close banner, the big banner will reappear until the timeout has finished - don't know why.

@AbbanWMDE I found some more issues:

  • The banners don't pass the language parameter to the Fundraising Application.
  • The automatic sliding should stop at the last slide.
  • The highlighting color should be yellow, the same as in the other banners.
  • The first cost category's description should be aligned left. There also is an & in the copy.



The first cost category's description should be aligned left. There also is an & in the copy.

Dammit this is probably affecting all banners, including the live ones. Looks like it was like that since we made the new UoF modal.

Okay, the fixes are applied now.

@AbbanWMDE The mini banner buttons only stop the countdown timer on the right, but don't close the banner. Instead, an error message is sent to the logging server:

TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'preventDefault')
  at Object.onMaybeLater  <anonymous>:1:203076\nat Object.onClick [as clickfalse]  <anonymous>:1:200003
  at HTMLButtonElement.T  <anonymous>:1:133817

If I let the timer run out, the mini banner is hidden.

@AbbanWMDE Yes, works now. But interacting with the mini banner doesn't trigger any events.

@kai.nissen I think this is due to the close tracking ratio? When I force it to 100% locally I see events firing.

@AbbanWMDE Oh right, sorry! Everything looks fine to me now.

Some more change requests:

  • The font size and the line height should be increased. The font size should not be smaller in <1090px width.
  • The elements in the mini banner don't need to break into two lines.

And probably just because it's not rebased to include the recent fixes:

  • The label "Only n days left" shouldn't be displayed.
  • The visitors-vs-donors sentence is displaying "displayed over 0 millions times".
  • The decimal separator in the custom amount field is rejected.


displayed over 0 millions times

I think this is because millionImpressionsPerday is 0 in the campaign config?