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replace the Hebrew Wikipedia logo
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After the switch to Vector skin the Hebrew Wikipedia logo changed to File:Wikipedia-logo-v2-he.png, made by Bastique. The community didn't like the font and very soon the logo was changed and hard-coded in Common.css. You can find the de facto logo at link [1].

This logo has the Hebrew Wikipedia consensus and is in accordance with the logo guidelines [2].

Please replace the files so that the Common.css hack wouldn't be needed.


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Severity: enhancement


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I'd be happy to do that, but the image is 135x155, needs to be a PNG, rather than an SVG - I believe even just stealing one of the thumbs created of the SVG should be enough (but not actually linking to the thumb for usage)


This should be good:

This is the image that is actually used.

I suppose that it must be uploaded to commons, but i don't know under which name.

Amir, I think the easiest would be to use the more or less standard Wiki.png :קובץ:Wiki.png

Update it with the new logo and then bug us again to point to that local Wiki.png file :-)

I'm confused: In many Wikipedias the local Wiki.png is the pre-Vector logo. Where is the the actual default logo for every project changed?

bugs wrote:

When the logo 2.0 rolled out, the new logos were all created on Commons and $wgLogo was pointed to them. Ashar wants you to upload the new logo to Wiki.png on hewiki so that he can point the logo to Wiki.png again.