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Create more Banner Tests (Dandy)
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In order to automate some of the acceptance testing of basic banner behaviour we could extend the test cases in our Dandy repository
🔰 Might be a good beginner-friendly ticket to get a feeling for the banner features.

Some of the banner behaviour (derived from an official checklist of the Fundraising Team):

  • each of the following checks should check desktop and mobile channels, be as skin-independent as possible
  • click on X -> the banner should close and not be visible anymore, a cookie should get set
  • on mobile: clicking on the action button at the bottom expands the banner, the fullpage banner is shown (
  • there should be a 7 second delay before the banner scrolls in
  • on the banner immediately pops in ( no delayed transition )
  • donationform: if a user misses filling out a field and clicks on submit: red error markers should be visible in the respective form section
  • if a user causes a validation error and solves it, clicks on submit: the red error markers should be gone again
  • if the viewport is too small (check size issue threshold): the banner should not be loaded
  • mobile only: selecting a payment interval > 1 causes "Sofortüberweisung" to be disabled (
  • in the use of funds overlay: clicking on <Donate Now> at the bottom causes the overlay to close, the fullpage form is focused in the viewport (
  • not sure if that is possible with dandy: check if events get fired (TBD)


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