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Don't show over limit checks in the CheckUserLog or remove all over limit entries from enwiki
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On several wikis, such as enwiki, the CheckUserLog has a few entries where the range checked is over the allowed limit of /16 for IPv4. Most are historical, but there are a few recent ones caused by a software bug with how requests for ranges over the limit allowed was handled. When viewing the CheckUserLog these entries do not add any useful info, and for tools that I use on enwiki add a indication that this range has been previously checked.

Ideally these entries should either be hidden when searching by an IP or range, or these entries should be manually removed from the DB as not useful. The second option has been proposed by a checkuser on the checkuser IRC channel.

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++ from me, these historical oversize checks make the CU log less useful since there's a lot of random old /1 and /2 checks in there. I would support either of Dreamy_Jazz's proposed solutions.