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[DO NOT USE] MediaWiki PHP 5.4 compatibility (tracking) [superseded by #NewPHP]
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Seems we've got some issues gov'ner

Worth noting that PHP 5.3 is EOL upstream. So it's only safe to use 5.3.3 (the minimum version we specify) if using a distribution with security patches maintained by somewhere else (e.g. Debian).

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Bug #55305 ref lost: 1st ref instantiated in class def, 2nd ref made w/o instantiating

Confirmed upstream bug is gone in PHP 5.4.0beta1; local bug 30094 is closed for a month and a half.

Changing summary on this to clarify that remnants are a tracking bug.

shealen.clare wrote:

This bug has not been touched in at least six months. With this in mind, I've been asked by the bugmeister to bump this bug's priority down from "High". Concerns can be addressed to

Not fixed anymore, has unresolved blockers.

T75901: Drop PHP 5.3 support will be resolved as 5.5.9+ from REL1_27 onwards; consequently, can we mark this as Declined?

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