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[Spike] Figure out tasks for Lexeme Vue 3 migration
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We need to make WikibaseLexeme compatible with Vue 3. In order to plan this work better, we want a more detailed understanding of what needs to be migrated.

Acceptance Criteria:

  • We have a list of Vue things that need to migrate in WikibaseLexeme
    • it should be as comprehensive as possible
    • each item should have a very rough estimate for effort, complexity and risk


Event Timeline is another WIP patch that tries to address one part of the migration (replacing filter syntax, e.g. {{'wikibase-add'|message}}, with something else); it fails in CI, though, partly due to the mentioned issues with php-vuejs-templating.

The three subtasks should be all that is needed in addition to finishing Lucas' patch 773276: WIP: Fully migrate to Vue 3.

The main risk comes unsurprisingly from php-vuejs-templating and us deciding how we want to deal with replacing filters such as gloss.language|directionality or 'wikibaselexeme-sense-gloss-redundant-language'|message which is the topic of T321595.

  1. If we go with the minimal invasive solution for php-vuejs-components, for which already patches exist, then the overall effort and risk should be limited. I would estimate between half a day and half a week of additional effort for the entire remaining migration.
  2. Unclear how long it will take otherwise, that depends highly on the chosen alternative approach.

The subtasks sound good to me. (Though I’m not totally on board with the changes for the “minimally invasive solution” so far.) Does that mean we can take this task out of peer review? (Tech verification, or close right away?)

Let's move it to tech verification. I think it is worthwhile spending some time on agreeing on what way we want to go, as this also might have significant consequences for how long things will take.

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As this topic was discussed yesterday, and the subtasks seems to have all been created, I will go ahead and resolve this. Please feel free to reopen in case I'm mistaken.