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Mismatch Finder: add a new column to the CSV file format and database
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(This is a subtask of T288511: improve handling of dates - calendar models and precision)

  • add meta_wikidata_value column:
    1. to the CSV file format
    2. to the database (relevant table)
  • The column should be optional
  • validation:
    • only “Time” properties are allowed
    • must contain a single item ID

Note: for more clarity, the new column contains a calendar item Id, that is only allowed rows with a time property. A time property is a property with the datatype “time”, like P569 or P585

Event Timeline

Moving to Waiting; the pull request is ready to merge, but we want to wait until T313468: allow reporting of mismatches with empty Wikidata value is also done, so we can make the two breaking changes to the CSV format at the same time.

Mentioned in SAL (#wikimedia-cloud) [2022-11-17T13:05:41Z] <wm-bot> <tools.wmde-wd-team> php artisan migrate && webservice restart # T321165

Should be done in production (though we still need to implement using the new column).