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Follow up with knwiki and kswiki regarding how they setup mentorship
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Two wikis were excluded from the parent task, as their lists of mentors have some particularities.

@Trizek-WMF Perhaps I'm missing something, but it looks like your list is missing three wikis:

  • knwiki (the list's title says "/Manual", but Community configuration uses the same list for both manual and automatic assignment for some reason)
  • kswiki (as a reminder, this is the teahouse-style mentor lists; I'm leaving it up to you @Trizek-WMF where to deploy to them as well, or to consider them separately)

I will contact these two wikis to know what they'd like to do.

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@Trizek-WMF and @Urbanecm_WMF i setup growth on knwiki just to check the feature, it uses temporarily uses list for both manual and automatic mentors assigning because i could not access mentordashboard without list and it seems there's no documentation on how to setup automatic list, please let me know how set it up

Thank you @Anoop for your message! The documentation has been recently updated for the mentorship upgrade.

At the moment, the mentorship system works ar knwiki. What we can do is to deploy the new system to your wiki, next week. It will simplify the process to create and manage both mentors lists.

@Anoop, the new system is setup at your wiki. I sent you a message using the mentor function at Special:Homepage. :)

Both wikis now have the new structured mentor list.