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Wipe permalinks data from the short-lived deployment
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@Ladsgroup and I would like to wipe permalinks data from the short-lived deployment in September, to make things neat following T321121.

  • 4 tables: discussiontools_items, discussiontools_item_ids, discussiontools_item_pages, discussiontools_item_revisions
    • NOT discussiontools_subscription
    • They can be re-created with the WikimediaMaintenance createExtensionTables.php maintenance script
  • all wikis except testwiki

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I just ran this on frwikiquote:

TRUNCATE TABLE discussiontools_items; TRUNCATE TABLE discussiontools_item_ids; TRUNCATE TABLE discussiontools_item_pages; TRUNCATE TABLE discussiontools_item_revisions;

I wait for a bit to see if things explode and if not, I'm going to move forward with the rest of wikis.

It's done everywhere except these wikis:


Which one to keep and which one to clean? only testwiki to be kept?

Yes, only testwiki, it is not enabled on other wikis (see config for wgDiscussionToolsEnablePermalinksBackend).

Ladsgroup moved this task from In progress to Done on the DBA board.

Cool. Done.